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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sophia is TWO!

True to form, I am about 2 months behind in posting.  Hey, at least I am consistent.  My sweet baby is offically 2 and a toddler.  How the heck did that happen??  She has grown up so much in the last few months and I am so proud of the sweet independent little girl she is becoming.  This post will serve as a little update of all things Sophia to date.

Sophia loves:
  • Cereal bars and pancakes for breakfast. They have a full breakfast at school, but she needs a little snack to keep her from being a crazy person on the way to school.  Not the healthiest but she loves it. 
  • Jumping.  Girl could jump all day long. The trampoline Aunt Koley got us last year is God sent.  
  • Emily.  Sophia is obsessed with Emily and will do what ever she does.
  • Princesses. Because Emily loves them, so she must too!
  • Bubbles
  • Being outside
  • Being barefoot
  • Doing pretty much anything by herself.  We hear "I can do it" all day long.
  • Singing. We sing about 25 songs each night before bed.
  • Dancing
  • Reading books. Same as the songs.  It's her stalling mechanism.
  • Her big girl room!
  • Eating chalk.  Yeah, we are working on that.
  • Putting things in her nose....We aren't excited about that.
  • Snuggling with mommy.  She tells me at least once every day that she wants to snuggle with me.  I absolutely LOVE it. 
  • Bugs. It's a love hate.  She will say "awe, it's a fying bug, he's sad, he's crying" and then she will pick it up and scream, and then she will try and kill it, and then she will cry. 
  • Talking. The minute her feet hit the floor, she is talking. 
  • Height: 31 3/4 5th percentile
  • Weight: 25 lbs 25th percentile
  • Clothes: She wears 18 month -2T and between a 4/5 shoe.   
  • She was still rear facing in the car, up until last week. She is teenie and I can't control how other people drive, so I want to keep her as safe as I possibly can. My plan was to keep her that way for a while, but she was ready.  She kept telling me she was a big girl like Emmy and wanted a big girl seat.  I was very happy to have made it past 2 and she is so proud to be like her big sister.   

What's new:
In the last few months we converted Sophia's crib into a toddler bed at around 23 months, and now the full size big girl bed.  She loves her big bed and sleeps great!  The transition was a little rough at first with her coming out of her room constantly, but now she is learning her boundaries.  She does stall like crazy at night, but for the most part, it was a pretty easy transition.  

Sophia is really starting to show a ton of interest in the potty.  She asks to go often and has done both 1 & 2 several times.  We are a little behind with her on the whole potty training thing compared to Emily, but they are both in very different situations with school, so we aren't worried.  Emily was with Stephanie and had a lot of one on one attention.  Sophia is in a class with 12 kids and 1:6 ratio, so we didn't want to push her too hard.  She moved up to the 2 year old room, and they take the kids potty every 20 mins, so I think we are really close.  I plan to take a 3 day weekend  the weekend of 5/16 and get rid of all things diapers!  WE CAN'T WAIT!  It will be sad that we will no longer have a "baby" but we are really enjoying how routine and easy our life has become. I am praying she is as easy as Emmy was, who was potty trained almost completely day 2 and only had a few accidents during the day ever after that weekend. She also potty trained herself at night and during nap time with in a few weeks and has never had an accident.  Fingers crossed.  When we potty train we go full force, no looking back.  We go straight for the panties and I refuse to use pull ups.  To each their own, I think it makes it harder to fully potty train, so we are sticking to that.  :)

Sophia talks a TON!!!  She communicates very well, using full sentences and is pretty easy to understand. There are some times where we have NO clue what she is saying, but she will show us what she needs and it makes sense after the fact.  She is polite and says please and thank you often and she is starting to say her prayers at meals and before bed.  It's all very sweet to watch.  She is literally a sponge.  Some of my favorite words she says are "Meow-se" (Mouse). Hair Plane (airplane). I doing a great job! Mommy, let's nuggle (Snuggle). 

Her birthday party:
We had a Sofia the First themed party at her request.  We gave her some options and that is what she chose.  It turned out really cute.  As the girls get older and time seems to disappear, I wasn't as crafty at this party as I have been in the past, but that's ok.  It still turned out really cute and I was really proud of the cake I made.  As with any party for a kid with a huge family, there were a lot of people there and it was chaiotic at times, but I was happy there were so many people who wanted to celebrate her!  I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, but we lived the memory!

My sweet Sophia:
You are so perfect and beautiful in every way.  I love that you know what you want and are willing to work to get it.  You are such a good little girl, even though you can be stubborn and throw a mean tantrum at times.  You are my free bird.  You are never shy, and love to talk to anyone and everyone. You are very observant and watch attentively what is going on around you before trying to do something yourself, but you have a wild side and love to run, jump climb.  I hope you always have your free spirit!  I can't wait to watch you grow each year and I am so proud to be your mommy! 

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